Conference Evaluation

Dear KM Middle East 2012 Conference Attendee:

Please give us your feedback on this year’s conference. Your opinions are important to us and will help us plan future conferences. Thanks!

Please rate the quality & usefulness of…

    Quality Benefits

 1.   Plenary session 1 (Dr. HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh)


 2.   Plenary session 2 (Dr. John Girard)


 3.   Plenary session 3 (Mrs. Nolwazi Mbananga)


 4.   Plenary session 4 (Mr. Arthur Shelley)


 5.   Plenary session 5 (Mr. Chris Collison)


 6.   Plenary session 6 (Mrs. Noha Abed)


 7.   Plenary session 7(Dr. Elize Bisanz)


 8.   Plenary session 8 (Mr. David Gurteen)


 9.   Panel Discussion 1 (13 March)


10.   Panel Discussion 2 (14 March)


11.   Workshop 1 (Dr. John Girard)


12.   Workshop 2 (Mr. Arthur Shelley)


13.   Workshop 3 (Mr. Chris Collison)


14.   Workshop 4 (Mr. David Gurteen)


15.   Vendor exhibits


16.   Networking opportunities


17.   Pre-conference mailing


18.   Pre-conference web information


19.   Conference material

Please rate your satisfaction with…


20.   Welcome & Registration


21.   Coffee Breaks


22.   Lunch Breaks


Please rate your satisfaction with…


23.   Abu Dhabi, UAE as the conference city


24.   Location of the conference hotel


25.   Price of the conference hotel


26.   Food at the conference hotel


27.   Conference space (general session & breakout rooms/registration area, etc.)


28.   Hotel room at the conference hotel


29.   Web registration and credit card processing


30.   On-site conference registration at the hotel


31.   Conference program organization


This conference …


32.   Helped me establish personal and professional contacts


33.   Addressed the latest developments in knowledge management >>>>>


34.   Gave me ideas on ways to do my job better


35.   Gave me ideas I will share with my colleagues back home


36.   Helped me face my job with renewed enthusiasm


General Comments …

  37.   How many years have you been employed in knowledge management? 
  38.   Did you attend KM Middle East 2012:  
  39.   Do you plan to attend KM Middle East 2013:
40.   We welcome any comments you wish to share about this year’s Conference.  Please include suggestions you would make regarding future conferences (e.g., workshops, keynote presenters, topics, themes, locations, etc.)?  Please include contacts details if you would like us to follow-up with you.
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