The theme of KM Middle East 2012 is empowering knowledge workers in the Arab World. Bringing together international keynote speakers, academics, leading knowledge management practitioners, along with business and government leaders, KM Middle East 2012 promises to be the premier knowledge-focused event in the region. The conference will provide an opportunity for business and government leaders to:
  • Learn about regional and international knowledge Management projects, past, present, and future.
  • Assess the business value of empowering knowledge workers.
  • Learn from other’s knowledge management successes and failures.

Join us at KM Middle 2012 where you will have an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other business and government leaders. Key features of the KM MIddle East 21012 include:
  • Talks by leading KM experts from five continents.
  • Regional case studies of knowledge inaction.
  • Examples of KM tools, techniques &technology.
  • Interactive workshops.
  • Academic track.
Vision: To be the premier knowledge management event in the Middle East.

Mission: We inspire organizations to create and exchange organizational knowledge.

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